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W7 Art Club – Update

Having planned to continue into the summer term, unfortunately I’ve had to decide to pause the w7 Art Club this term. Many children have SATS, PGL trips and other outdoor summer commitments. While disappointing, it fees like the right decision as one of my principles of teaching is the building learning through continuity. If children are here one week and not he next, its not fair on them.

I am thinking that I may plan some summer clubs for different year groups. The idea may be to spend half a day upstair in W7 Emporium and then maybe head over to Warren Farm to do some outdoor sketching with a focus on nature and its habitat. If this sounds like something you think your child would be interested in, drop me a note and it’ll spur me on to grow the idea.

Whatever happens W7 Art Club will return in the Autumn term. This is guaranteed.

In the meantime, bring on the summer……….