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Leg of Mutton Pond at Dusk, Bushy Park


Leg of Mutton Pond at Dusk depicts this tranquil setting in monochrome. I have used various shades of black and grey smoothly blended to create depth and atmosphere.

The painting evokes a sense of peace and calm, with its subdued colours and gentle brushstrokes. I have used light and shadow to adds to the serene mood. The reflections on the pond’s surface enhance the overall tranquility of the scene.

Bushy Park, located in London, England, is one of the city’s Royal Parks, covering over 445 hectares and known for its wildlife, including deer. The park features Leg of Mutton Pond, a peaceful spot for visitors to enjoy nature.

“Leg of Mutton Pond in Bushy Park” captures the quiet beauty of nature in a simple yet captivating manner.

For more information on Bushy Park, you can visit the official Royal Parks website here.

Other similar atmospheric landscapes are Sunrise at Leg of Mutton Pond, Heron on the Lake in Pink, no.2, Hills at Dusk, and Skating in the Moonlight.

Surface: Saunders and Waterford cold pressed watercolour paper (650 gsm)

Size: 75 x 55 cm within a 100 x 75 outer mount.

Framed painting available on collection. Please email if interested (