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Blackbird and Butterfly


Blackbird and Butterfly in Spring is one in a series of 6 Japanese inspired nature paintings, made into a print.

Blackbird and Butterfly is a painting set in Spring amongst the blossom. It is also a reminder of birds’ beauty and connection with trees, insects and changing seasons. I have captured this connection through my use of colour and composition. Also, I added a touch of simple storytelling, to bring the subjects to life.

I chose a vibrant blend of rich blues and greens to match the colours of the sky and of nature.

My love of nature has inspired this collection. As well as this, is my interest in traditional Japanese art. I hope it reminds people of the importance and beauty of nature for our physical and mental wellbeing. If interested in an original watercolour on similar themes, please look at the nature section within original paintings.

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10% of all profits from all sales go to the charity MIND 

All artworks printed on high quality 350 gsm paper
Artworks available in A4 (picture area approx 220 x 150 mm) and A3 (picture area approx 300 x 150 mm)
UK Mainland delivery included