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Turner’s Oak, Kew Gardens


Turner’s Oak is a detailed study of a majestic tree in Kew gardens, West London. Primarily watercolour, with coloured pencil sharpenings to create texture.

Planted in 1798, Turner’s Oak has survived lighting strikes and the hurricane of 1986. Turner’s Oak refuses to die.

The original painting was gifted to Susie’s psychologist, who loved trees, as a thank-you for all her hard efforts.

This painting should interest those who appreciate the wonders of trees or those who love greenery and nature.

10% of all profits from all sales go to the charity MIND.

All artworks are printed on high quality 350 gsm paper
Artworks are available in A4 (picture area approx 220 x 150 mm) and A3 (picture area approx 300 x 150 mm)
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