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Recent artworks

I’ve been working on atmospheric landscapes recently, especially those within Richmond Park and Bushy Park, both beautiful places in West London. When I visited the parks, I took many reference photos, many of which were at sunrise in September and October.

I enjoyed trying to simplify some of them, focussing on special landmarks such as trees and lakes that are well known in the area, Pen Ponds in Richmond Park, and Lamb of Mutton Lake in Bushy Park.

I visited during the rutting season which was fascinating. It’s a wonderful sight seeing the stags competing with each other, thrashing around in the surrounding vegetation.

They were very well received at the Art Fair at in October and many of them sold.

Some of the paintings are also influenced by Japanese art, where simplicity is important, and where I include an orange sun.

I have also done a series of paintings based upon the ‘Sunken Trees’ in Osterley Park, During February 2023, the heavy rain caused flooding, which left the tops of a row of trees peeping out above the water.

Sunken Trees in Burgundy

Sunken trees with birds, no.4