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Art for Mental Health.

Rediscovering Art has been the cornerstone of my ongoing recovery from severe and life-threatening mental illness.

All my artwork has been beneficial to my well-being in some aspect. It has made me more mindful, observing and appreciating the world around me more closely, whilst I look for inspiration for what I can create next. The act of creating enables me to focus my mind and helps distract me from negative thoughts.

Although sometimes it can be frustrating when things don’t go to plan, overall it is a relaxing activity and it gives me a sense of achievement and purpose. I can feel the anxiety dissipate, the more emersed I am in what I am creating.

I have created several artworks that are more specifically therapeutic in that they have allowed me to make sense of my thoughts and emotions on a deeper level without the need for words. Sometimes, my paintings are spontaneous expressions of how I am feeling at that moment.

Many of my ‘neurographic’ paintings are examples of this. Neurographic art is a way to express emotions subconsciously, to help stimulate new neural pathways. Click here for a link to find out more about neurographic art.

Other times, I plan more carefully, trying to work out how best I can express and communicate emotion. I have often used it to help me understand things that are difficult for me, such as making decisions or calming my mind.

It has also allowed me to make sense of and consolidate the different techniques and strategies I have learnt in therapy, more specifically DBT therapy. ‘Wise Mind’ is an example of this.

Whilst I often have a clear idea of what I want to express, it doesn’t necessarily mean the viewer immediately understands this.

And that is fine, as my visual language and understanding aren’t going to be the same as those of each viewer. Saying that it is an added bonus if those who view my self-expression artworks are able to get gain something on a deeper level.

Some examples of Self-expression artwork can be seen on this page. Not all artwork is for sale but please enquire if you are interested in any painting that isn’t in the shop.

Thank you for visiting this page and reading my personal thoughts about Art for Mental Health.

Latest Work and Key dates for April and May

I’ve recently created many atmospheric watercolours, particularly around Teddington and Bushy Park, for the Landmarks Art Fair on 17th-19th May. The Art Fair is a wonderful event with over 70 artists showcasing and selling their artwork. I have focussed on the colour and atmosphere of

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What’s New and New work

I’ve been continuing to paint larger landscape watercolours, focussing on mood and atmosphere. I have also been experimenting with different and limited colour palettes, using between two and four or five different colours. I hope that you feel a sense of calm when experiencing them.

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